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Adecat Agricare Services LTD

Destined To Succeed LLC SAL MALI

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Please be sure to contact us. We want to know all of our clients and build a partnership so we can better assist you moving forward. We also want to make sure we are doing clean honest business with great consumers. Once you have chosen your service and or product we will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. 

Web Store

Business Supplies set up and Distribution


We want to help you get your business out there. Please let up get t-shirts, pens, cellphone cover and so much more out to meetings so your business can get the audience you need. We have over 40 thousand supplies you can choose from in this finance budget and it will be given out world-wide. You can choose different packets. This packet is domestic which will be in the location of the country you are in or USA only. We have another packet that is world wide. Because of our suppliers we have to have a packet starting at 100,000 dollars. Depending on what items you would like us to produce depends on quantity. A basic packet if you want us to choose is pens, T-shirts, cups, Binders and key chain lights. Everything will be in your business print style. We want to get your business out with our best quality and perfectionism. We also can do cards and office supplies if requested. With-out partnership with Vistaprint we can ship any-where in the world. Thank you for your honest clean ethical business practices. This is what we stand for. Any questions or add request please email [email protected]

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