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Adecat Agricare Services LTD

Destined To Succeed LLC SAL MALI

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Please be sure to contact us. We want to know all of our clients and build a partnership so we can better assist you moving forward. We also want to make sure we are doing clean honest business with great consumers. Once you have chosen your service and or product we will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. 

Web Store

Commodity SET UP

$75,000.00 $100,000.00

This is a program set up to provide everything needed safe and legally for commodity trade. We will make sure there is all documents set up and make sure all government doucments are provided. You will have all tax informatioin and set up ready to go. We want to make sure you have a safe and legal way without getting the run around. We can work with any commodity that is listed in our website.We do not work with less then 50k in commodity so this is a great start. If you need to do anything more please let us know so we can make arrangments. This is the Cheif of Commodity program. This set up program consist of 2kg that will be the asset  unless otherwise requested. You can send in a request and change the commodity or quantity. Our shipping choice is Brink's.

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