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Adecat Agricare Services LTD

Destined To Succeed LLC SAL MALI


God's Gift To This World 


Being able to effectively do your job can be a challenge when dealing with specific commodity and or depending on where in the world you are. We are able to get you any type of equipment you need anywhere in the world. Having the equipment you need to do a good clean job should be the least of your concerns. We also offer programs that will provide a team out to the site to train your employee on how to use the equipment. 


It is so hard sometimes to get a job done while fishing for funding. If you have equipment and just want to use it for collateral or if you need funding for equipment we are your team. 

Places We Can Go 

There is not a place on Gods green earth we cannot go. Everything we provide has to be for business purpose and within ethics. The more hazardous places are more expensive but can be done.  

Why Us?

We are here no matter the challenge. We work with any commodity for finance purpose, sale, purchase and or retrieving. Having someone who can just about do it all is what we would like to offer you. We understand the need to be able to be time productive no matter where you are and where you have to be with the product. In and out is out motto. Gold, Diamonds, Gas, Oil, Rice, Beans, Coffee, Jet Fuel, Silver, Coper and so much more has been our past relationship production list.