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Adecat Agricare Services LTD

Destined To Succeed LLC SAL MALI

Our Story

An Idea is Born

This company was born on the back of lack. We walked into a situation with a lack of funding and contracts as we searched for ways to work from home instead of the normal 9-5. With this we connected with several people who had the same problem. What an idea to be in the business of solving problems so people can just focus on their business. A lot of the people we worked with problem could be solved with some funding and by connecting with some with the other people who had to same problem. Now we new what business was really needed. In the past 20 years relationships was built and positions where made with some of the top bankers in the world. We solved the biggest problem of them all. We provide anything you need so you can just focus on your business while we provide funding and or relationships needed. We also have just about any service you need from tech support to marketing. We can also walk into construction on a home to building power plants. Funding is unlimited with options of recourse and non-recourse. 

Our First Employee DTS (CFO)

We started out wia a group of 5 and now we are partnered with over 100 contractors. Never underestimate the power of teamwork/network. 

1,000 Happy Customers

We have helped over 1,000 people one way or another. We work with businesses to get clients and or funding. We work with contractors all over the world in every line of business. We are now a construction company and licensed waste management division. Our team has done over 40 billion in construction and waste management combined.

Why Us?

The power of Adecat Agricare Services LTD and DTS is they are best at problem solving in any situation. Anything you may need to function in the business world can be taken on by Adecat Agricare Services LTD and DTS. Now although we may not have magic powers sometimes we have been mistaken for it. Anything from funding to international relationships can be at your finger tips. We are not scared of challenges as long as all business is done with honesty and integrity. Adecat Agricare Services LTD puts any commodity at your fingertips. We have a list of the most requested commodities under the commodity search bar at the top of this page.